Other shipyard works

Navikon Group offers a service of Movable Division – voyage repairs and cooperation with ship repair yards. We provide experienced and qualified staff, including:

  • steel workers,
  • painters / blasters,
  • plumbers
  • mechanics,
  • electricians.

We offer you a service as a subcontractor on specific projects to be realized at your premises.

The cooperation might be realized as in following ways:

Specific job – fixed price:

  • The price includes all logistics expenses connected with transport from Poland, food, accommodation and local transport.
  • Depending on the agreement the job might be done either by use of own or your equipment. We undertake the specific job at your premises for the fixed price.
  • Semi-finished product from our yard – installation at your premises.

example 1: Lengthening of the ship.

We produce the insert block, deliver it to your drydock and install into the

ship’s hull.

example 2: Ship’s accommodation

We produce the accommodation structure full equipped, deliver it to your premises

and undertake installation.

example 3: … as per you request

Qualified staff leasing

You can use our employees to support your team