Mechanical services

12InstrumentPanel sm Mechanical servicesWe are able to provide complete diesel engine care and service for peak performance and hassle free engine operation, year after year. We do everything you need – from small repairs to major overhauls.Our mobile service will attend to all your service needs at your preferred location & schedule. We can fill all of your part requirements, provide prompt, clean, and reliable service. We also perform repairs of other auxiliary machinery equipment (e.g. pumps, compressors, boilers etc.). Our project manager will be your one-stop-shop for all contract management issues and will provide you with all required project documentation.

02TopView sm Mechanical servicesSome of our activities:

  1. Diesel engine repairs, overhauls and inspections (main and auxiliary engines) which includes:
        • crankshaft replacements
        • complete cylinder heads overhauls (valves and seats jobs etc.)
        • main and big end bearings jobs (shell replacement, inspection)
        • pistons and liners jobs (liners honing)
        • vibration dampers repairs
      • cooling water pumps overhaul
      • fuel injection pumps and injectors overhaul
      • coolers service (intake air coolers, water coolers, oil coolers)
      • we provide all necessary measurements, settings and adjustments (e.g. crankshaft alignment , fuel injection timing , measurement of cyl. liners wear etc.)
  2. Cylinder liners honing
  3. Repairs of various types of air compressors
  4. Geislinger couplings overhaul
  5. Turbochargers overhaul
  6. Repairs of various types of the pumps and valves
  7. Shaft alignment jobs
  8. Bow thrusters repairs
  9. Hydraulic repairs