2014 & 2015


Date: December 20152015 SG212 300x198 2014 & 2015

Scope of work:  Repair one of waterjets (Hamilton Jet HJ362), works done after dokcking the vessel.




Date: July 20152015 Neptun 300x169 2014 & 2015

Scope of work: Main Engine turbocharger major overhauling Turbocharger has been dismantled from the engine, overhauled including dynamic balancing and re-installed back during cargo operation in Port of Szczecin.



Paita ex Dorothea Rickmers

Date: June 20152015 Paita 300x187 2014 & 2015

Scope of work: Major overhauling of auxiliary engines Sulzer 8 S 20H Major overhauling of two auxiliary engines preformed during

the voyage on Mediterranean Sea.



m/v Paper Star
Paper Star 300x206 2014 & 2015

Date: August 2014

Scope of work: Deutz 628 – 8 cylinder heads overhaul (work done in MSR GRYFIA)




Workboat Merlin
Worboat Merlin 300x225 2014 & 2015

Date: July 2014

Scope of work: exchange of Vulkan coupling





Silver Kenna
Silver Kenna 300x199 2014 & 2015

Date: June 2014

Scope of work: MAN B&W 8L23/30A overhaul under MAN supervision, work performed in Southampton UK.




m/v Wellservicer in coop. with Wartsilla Automation

Date: February 2014Wellservicer 300x225 2014 & 2015

Scope of work: Power distribution system rebuilding
– removal of old cabling
– installation of new cable tracks / ducts
– new cabling installation